Danpae Handcrafted Art Jewelry


Danpae Handmade Art Necklace

Handmade Art Jewelry by Danpae Jewelry

So this is me... Kate Danpae. I'm a very passionate jewelry fashion consultant and have created the Danpae Jewelry line. I work together only with top level Jewelry Artists. All my handmade jewelry-art is unique pieces. I can tell you a lot more how my jewelry can make you look more charming, more beautiful and attract those eyes around you... 

Miracles happen when you wear Danpae Handmade Art Jewelry.

I know it supports your look and empowers your natural charisma. When you come to Amsterdam you just have to visit me and in the mean while have fun with shopping in my online store!

Danpae Jewelry: "Accentuate your natural beauty".  
The mysterious power that brings your inner and outer beauty out makes this jewelry so special. When you choose for Danpae Jewelry, you choose to emphasize your character and determine your identity. This vigor of Danpae handmade jewelry just defines who you are! Danpae jewelry is manufactured with love and passion and refined craftsmanship with an origin of ancient heritage.   Tradition and modernity come together in this uniquely designed handmade jewelry.   From nature derived materials such as bronze, natural stone, minerals and even nuts and seeds are incorporated ino the designs.