A Touch of Heaven " Mililani "


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A Touch of Heaven " Mililani " Created by Danpae Jewelry Kate Danpae, a passionate Jewelry, Fashion Consultant, Jewelry designer and the owner of Handmade Art Jewelry line called "Danpae" Kate Danpae creates A Touch of Heaven Necklace by starting off with a sketch on paper inspired by imaginary of Tropical Forest and Intuition. The imagination forest is full of colorful blossoms,butterflies and dragonflies. All of sudden she found one picture on Facebook. Someone posted this little miracle creature from the nature. It is the most beautiful Caterpilla she has ever seen in her lifetime! Caterpilla Saturniidae Moth. Danpae inspired by the beauty of nature that mother of earth gives us. And by putting thought into reality and bring projects into action by working with her Artisan. Danpae creates these Art pieces to remind her of What nature brings to our spirit. It is a Miracle everyday in our life. There is beauty everywhere. It depends on how we look at them and how thankful we are. Everyone can touch the Heaven. It is here on earth. A Touch of Heaven " Mililani " Hawaiian means " Love from Heaven " Material; Handcrafted Art Necklace designs in brass. Decorated with Yellow Chalcedony , Amethyst, Fluorite, Agate, Aventurine, Labradorite, Carnelian, Quartz, Citrine, Garnet and Semi Precious stones. The necklace is gently able to bend, please refrain from over bending ( recommended bending capacity is 2 CM each side. The necklace is 52 CM long in total. And from your neck is 37 CM long.