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Pearls : A queen of gem ­čĺÄ For centuries pearls have been worn by powerful ladies to show class and prestige. One of the most famous quote of Jakie┬áKennedy was ~ Pearls are always appropriate~ and even Coco Chanel loves pearls. I think pearls give us a gross, a certain refinement and Classy sophisticated look.
This exclusive art piece represents a feeling of Hope and truth. Sincerity, love, honesty, integrity and clarity. One we can apply these lush labels to how we interact with ourselves we are place in an astonishing space to perceive our path of magic in the world.
Exclusive Handcrafted art necklace designs in brass. Decorated with Baroque Pearls, Prehnite, Apatite and Kyanite stones.
The necklace is gently able to bend, please refrain from over bending. Recommended bending capacity is 2 CM each side.